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Civil Aviation is set to grow significantly in India and the timing is right for helicopter travel to increase in all segments of the travel spectrum. With corporate and leisure air travel becoming a norm, more and more business leaders, VIPs are enjoying the benefits of helicopter travel.

Similarly, Regional Air Connectivity is a growing need and the Government of India has started taking active steps to encourage this sector by circulating a Draft Civil Aviation Policy, 2015 providing subsidy to regional air connectivity and making a budget allocation for modernizing, renovating 130 small airports & airstrips as no-frills airports for enabling small aircraft to operate to these remote locations where the need exists, but as yet in small numbers.

Suvi Aviation was formed to address the growing need for aviation charter services due to the expansion of the economy, growing affluence, advent of the global Indian and influx of inbound foreign travellers accustomed to these facilities in their home countries and demanding the same in India. Suvi Aviation will address the rising demand for charter flying by corporate and business heads, in-bound tourists, VIP movement, medical evacuation, technical flying such as aerial surveys, technical resource movement, emergency response teams, filming & advertising, news reporting and disaster management.

Similarly, Suvi Aviation seeks to address this now attractive sector, connecting Tier 2 & 3 towns and passengers to commercial routes which do not touch their towns.

Suvi Aviation consists of a team of seasoned professionals in the fields of aviation, training, management, finance and marketing who are at your service to provide a truly world class experience. Mentored and advised by some of the most experienced people in the aviation and other industry verticals, Suvi Aviation will strive to create a truly world class flying experience.
Suvi's Value Proposition

Suvi Aviation is proposed as an integrated air charter service provider, for fixed wing & helicopters, with its own aircraft, MRO & training facilities. Clients can choose to go for contracts charters as per their flying requirements, using our aircraft or alternatively choose to invest in their own aircraft, which can be maintained, managed & operated for them by Suvi Aviation. Pre-purchase advisory & assistance can also be provided where required.

Suvi's range of services will also encompass aviation infrastructure services and Pilot and technician training making us perhaps the only integrated aviation services company in India.

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